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With over 25 years training and experience in holistic therapies, I am able to offer a variety of holistic therapies and treatments, including Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, facial reflexology with acupressure and bespoke organic essential oil blends.


After a consultation, I design each session to tailor for each individual's needs. Sessions often combine a mix of either massage with reflexology or aromatherapy with pressure point which add to the therapeutic benefits.

To book an Urban Calm holistic therapy session or for more information call Lucie Ormerod on 07895 615989 or email here

Head Massage


As well as being a relaxing and enjoyable natural treatment, an aromatherapy massage can help treat a wide range of conditions, from stress, anxiety, headaches and sleeping difficulties to digestion disorders, skin problems and back pain.

After a consultation, we will choose the essential aromatherapy oils and aromatherapy massage technique which will be most beneficial to your own special circumstances.​



Foot Reflexology​: This gentle, non-invasive therapy is based on the theory that certain areas of the feet contain thousands of nerve endings which correspond to other parts of the body.

By massaging these reflex points, I can identify and clear blockages in the corresponding area of your body to promote healing and improve wellbeing and vitality. It can help to treat a number of problems such as digestive disorders, insomnia and sleeping disorders, respiratory conditions and depression. 


Reflexology can also be used in pregnancy, and can also help with headaches, anxiety, back pain, sinus problems, migraines, neck pain, knee and lower back pain, shoulder problems, and other joint issues. You may need a series of treatments to treat specific conditions, but positive benefits are often felt after just one session.

Facial Reflexology​: I specialise in the Sorensensistem™ facial reflexology technique. It works through gentle stimulation of pressure points and energy lines, on the face, which correspond to the body’s digestive, nervous and hormonal system.

Each treatment is deeply relaxing and rebalancing and it helps to reduce muscular tension in the face, it stimulates the circulation and encourages a softer, more glowing complexion, providing cosmetic as well as health benefits.​​

Hand Massage

‘I benefited enormously from Lucie’s treatments during my pregnancy and continue to have massages to help me relax, stay calm and cope with the stresses of new motherhood.’

Sarah -Teacher


‘Thanks so much for my beautiful facial. I've felt quite anxious and exhausted the whole weekend, but after your treatment I felt really good.'​  Julie  - One Housing Group

Foot Massage
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